Scott Eastwood Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"UPDATE: TMZ has updated its initial report about Fallon's injury, which we've also updated in our story below. Read on for the full report.

Jimmy Fallon is recovering from hand surgery at a New York City hospital following an undisclosed injury that occurred at his home on Friday morning.

Tonight Show" host told the site that Fallon injured his hand at his apartment early Friday, and went to see a specialist, who recommended that the comedian have surgery immediately.

Fallon is currently recuperating at the hospital, and his rep told TMZ that he's expected to make a full recovery. The Friday taping of "The Tonight Show" was cancelled, and the show confirmed the news in a tweet.

"He's totally fine," the account said of Fallon, "but we'll be airing a repeat." Audience members were instructed to wait for word on how to reschedule their tickets.

Here's hoping the host has a speedy recovery.

[via: TMZ, The Tonight Show]

Photo credit: Getty Images for "The Tonight Show"