This might actually qualify as an audition for "Game of Thrones" Season 6. Heaven knows they drop the c-word like candy from a piñata -- and Arya could use a new partner in crime on that front. Either way, Ryan Reynolds has our attention, for unexpected reasons. And here's a lesson for you: If you tweet about a celebrity, without even tweeting to them directly, they may reply anyway.

One fan (or non-fan) just announced online that she didn't know the difference between Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. She didn't even seem to be hating, just sort of letting us know they are interchangeable in her mind.

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Totally understandable, even if that's not our personal celeb confusion crisis. (The Chrises. It's the Chrises for us.) But cue Ryan Reynolds with a NSFW reply on how one can tell the difference between himself and "The Notebook" alum:

Well! The more you know -- cue the NBC logo! Actually, this might be a good time for a "Hey, girl" meme from Feminist Ryan Gosling, reminding us that the c-word is non-progressive.

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