2013 National Board Of Review Awards - Inside ArrivalsEven though it will be the third iteration of the character, Marvel wants you to know that the newest version of "Spider-Man," starring Tom Holland, will be like nothing you've seen from the MCU before, thanks in large part to its unique influences.

In an interview with Birth.Movies.Death., Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige revealed that the creative team behind the character's reboot is taking inspiration from an unlikely source: '80s teen movie icon John Hughes. Speaking to the plethora of supporting characters from the Spidey comics that have yet to make it to the big screen, Feige said that fans can expect more members of Peter Parker's social circle (and the awkward teenage antics that come with them) to become part of the MCU canon.

"It's the soap opera in high school, and those supporting characters, that are interesting," Feige told B.M.D. " ... [W]e haven't seen a John Hughes movie in a long time. Not that we can make a John Hughes movie - only John Hughes could - but we're inspired by him, and merging that with the superhero genre in a way we haven't done before excites us."

And it's not just Hughes who Marvel filmmakers are taken with. Referencing a recent Birth.Movies.Death. editorial about the surprisingly high stakes of current Pixar hit "Inside Out," which features an 11-year-old girl going through a deep, emotional crisis, Feige said that future iterations of Spider-Man would tap into that same sense of life-or-depth feeling to which only adolescents and teenagers can really relate. As Feige tells B.M.D.:

Stakes don't need to be end of the world. Oftentimes, in our films, it is, and in our future films Thanos doesn't work small. But sometimes the stakes can just be 'Will this little girl grow up to be healthy and well put-together, or are there too many issues for her to overcome?' That's HUGE! That overrides a threat to reality itself. And I think Spider-Man straddles that line in a fun way in his comics. What we wanted was a movie where the stakes could be as high as 'This bad person is going to do this bad thing, and a lot of people could die' OR 'You don't get home in time and your aunt is going to figure this out, and your whole life is going to change.'

Hughes and Pixar leave some big shoes to fill, but if anyone is up to the task of taking on beloved cinema, it's box office giant Marvel. Here's hoping Feige and co.'s plans for a more sensitive MCU can meet their own lofty expectations, and live up (and least somewhat) to their inspirations.

[via: Birth.Movies.Death.]

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