Jenny's Wedding, katherine heigl, alexis bledelThe Supreme Court just legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, and that's good news for the protagonists of "Jenny's Wedding," in which Katherine Heigl's titular character wants to marry her roommate -- and secret girlfriend -- Kitty (Alexis Bledel).

Unfortunately for audiences, though, this is one celebration that doesn't seem worth attending, thanks in large part to Jenny's awful family. They harp on her because she's unmarried (her mother, played by Linda Emond, actually utters the phrase "the clock is ticking" because Jenny doesn't have a family yet), and when she says she's in a relationship, they immediately ask when the wedding is. Um, how about we slow our roll, family?

But no, they insist, pressuring Jenny into eventually spilling the beans that Kitty is more than just a roommate, and come to think of it, they do want to get married. Cue horrible homophobia from everyone around Jenny, who suddenly treat her like a leper because she's dared to be a lesbian. Such a response would be somewhat believable if "Jenny's Wedding" was set maybe 15 years ago, but seems more than a little over-the-top in today's rapidly-changing political landscape. Even Jenny's father (Tom Wilkinson) acknowledges such (he reads the papers, after all), before quickly declaring that he just wants to be an "ordinary" family, not a bunch of "rebels."

All seems to end well for Jenny and Kitty, but not before a few more heavy-handed scenes are thrown into the mix for good measure. Meltdown in a bridal shop? Check. A tearful conversation on the sidewalk? Check. Mom sparring with Dad? Check.

We're RSVP-ing "No" on this one, but check out the trailer and decide for yourself. "Jenny's Wedding" is due in theaters on July 31, and on VOD on August 1.

Watch the trailer.

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