If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Amy Schumer started things off with an appearance on "The Tonight Show" (praying for Jimmy Fallon's finger), and she gave a super emotional interview. Watching Jimmy and her talk to each other as "horny and scared" was amazing.

Paul Rudd is better than all your faves, so please enjoy his appearance as a Rudd-obsessed audience member on "Late Night." Our new life motto is "enough of this crud, bring out The Rudd."

In other Paul Rudd news, apparently he and Jon Hamm used to compete for ladies. As if there's any competition ("Bring Out The RUDDDDDD!")

50 Cent just filed for bankruptcy, and naturally Conan asked all kinds of awkward questions about it during his late night visit. Behold, 50's financial musings.