There's a new stoner comedy in town.

"American Ultra" (in theaters August 21) stars Kristen Stewart as Phoebe and Jesse Eisenberg as Mike, an unmotivated stoner/sleeper agent whose secret agent skills come to life when he's thrown into a dangerous government operation.

We're not accusing you of anything, (paranoid much?), but something tells us you'd enjoy this stoner tale, and perhaps a few other stoner-friendly films from movie history. Out of the goodness of our hearts we put together a list of movies suitable to watch with a little herbal refreshment. From the classic ("Friday," "The Big Lebowski") to the bizarre, ("Hell Comes to Frogtown," "Heavy Metal") we've got you covered.

Break out the Bagel Bites, get comfy, and click through this list of the best movies to watch while expanding your mind. And a word of caution to any stoners reading this while on the clock: Most of these videos are NSFW.

Also, our lawyers would probably want us to say: Moviefone doesn't condone the use of illegal substances... But, if you can't laugh along with this article, you really need to mellow out.