Aren't most Disney villains really just misunderstood loners who are maybe a wee bit too awesome for the people around them to appreciate? No? Well, Elsa did not end up the villain of "Frozen," but not only was that one of the original plans for the character, a new video shows how easy it would be to re-edit the existing footage to make her The Big Bad.

BloodBlitz Comedy -- the YouTubers behind Harry Potter as the villain and an attempt to show Joffrey as the hero of "Game of Thrones" -- once again played spin doctors with Queen Elsa. In the 2-minute video, Princess Anna appears to be in danger as her "demented" "monster" of a sister tries to use her powers to kill her.

Check it out:

It's like a horror movie. But maybe evil Elsa and evil Harry should go out for a drink sometime. Just saying.

In the book "The Art of Frozen," director Jennifer Lee said that Elsa was originally conceptualized as the antagonist of the movie. "They kept calling her the 'villain,'" she said. "But there came a point where we said, 'We can't use that word anymore.' You care about someone who's been [forced] to hide who they are. Elsa's not a villain, she just makes some bad choices because she's in a very difficult situation."

Poor Elsa. Did she even make "bad choices" or was she left without any choices? #DinnerPartyTopics

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