Don't lose your child on Halloween -- or any other day, but apparently 10/31 is just an especially bad time for that kind of thing. Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies (aka Lori on "The Walking Dead") play desperate parents in the horror movie "Pay the Ghost." The creepy first trailer was just released, along with the tease, "Every Halloween, evil walks among us." Cue Cage and his son walking together, in costume, at a carnival. Nicolas' son goes missing for a moment, then returns to ask if his dad paid the ghost. (He's like an undead collections agent.) Then he goes missing again.

Dad: "All I had to do was protect him. Isn't that what a father does - protects?"

This launches Cage's quest to find his own son, plus the other kids who've been taken/gone missing on Halloween.

Here's the trailer:

Rick Grimes would never let this happen to Carl. Just saying.

"Pay the Ghost" is coming out next week on September 25.

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