It's finally here! "Once Upon a Time" Season 5 premieres Sunday, September 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC. By the end of the hour, our heads will probably be spinning from all the new twists and turns. Speaking of mind-blowing twists, TVLine and Entertainment Weekly just shared spoilers on Episode 1, and both outlets mentioned a "twist" (probably the same one) in "The Dark Swan."

Here's the OUAT part of EW's latest spoiler story:

Please tell me anything about Once Upon a Time before its return! — Jennifer

A reveal in the premiere shows that Camelot ties into the early mythology of the show in a very major way. Even my head exploded a little bit when I saw this brilliant twist.

Love it! TVLine shared a bunch of OUAT intel in its spoiler scoop, mentioning a premiere ending twist, but also a GIF-able moment for Captain Swan shippers who want Emma and Hook together:

Now that Once Upon a Time's Emma is the Dark Swan, can her heart be removed from her chest? –Mia Bennett

Good question – yet one that is not addressed in the Season 5 premiere, at least, seeing as she is busy doing the pumper-plucking :-O What's more, she's not the only one in Sunday's premiere aiming to take someone's ticker!

Once Upon a Time's Zelena always has a trick up her sleeve. Do you think she will try to regain her powers? –Rasika

I do "think" that, yes. The question is, though: Is she clever enough to outwit those who prefer her to remain incapacitated? Bonus premiere scoop: Amy Manson and her hair are quite terrific as Merida (and Rumple has a great line about the Brave one's accent); Emma/Hook fans better have their GIF-making machines at the ready; and the episode ends with a final twist I did not see coming.

So excited to hear that Mulan will be back on Once Upon a Time. Last we saw, Robin Hood asked her to join his band of Merry Men. Any chance we will see more of her relationship with Robin Hood? –Karola

The whereabouts of Mulan (played by Jamie Chung), as well as Meghan Ory's Ruby/Red, will be accounted for when each character resurfaces after so much time off-screen. "We're not planning to drop them back in the show with no explanation and just say, 'Oh, they were over in the corner,'" says co-creator Adam Horowitz. "We do want to give a taste of where Mulan has been and what she's been up to and what she's been going through. The same with Red."

It all sound exciting. Here are a few more OUAT teases to keep in mind:

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