"Spectre" doesn't come out until November, and the new trailer for the film isn't making the wait any easier.

Sony released the final trailer for Daniel Craig's latest Bond adventure Friday, which focuses less on story, more on all the "holy sh**" action scenes. Our favorite? 007 takes on a falling building.

There's also a great tease to the sparkage in store when Bond finally confronts villain Christoph Waltz, who is all but confirmed to be playing the super spy's arch-nemesis, Blofeld. (That shot of what looks to be a top-secret evil lair is a dead giveaway.)

"Spectre" centers on Bond's efforts to uncover -- and then stop -- the titular evil agency from doing the world domination thing. Along the way, 007 shoots, punches and car chases his way through various places around the globe.

The movie looks like a worthy successor to "Skyfall," and we'll see for ourselves when it hits theaters November 6.