This is when "Saturday Night Live" is at its best, when it takes a stand on a timely issue and really doubles down on it in a memorable way, eliciting a strong reaction from fans -- beyond the usual "meh."

Gun ownership, control, and lack of control is all the rage (too much rage?) today after multiple shootings, and SNL took on America's love for guns during the Amy Schumer hosted episode. Amy is no stranger to this debate, since she joined her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, to push for stricter gun control after a fatal shooting at the screening of her movie "Trainwreck."

Her SNL visited the topic of guns multiple times, including in this scathing fake commercial, mocking how guns are a beloved part of our everyday lives:

Reaction has been mixed. Some found it brilliant and spot-on, perfectly highlighting a major problem in this country. Others thought it was in poor taste and not funny, continuing to wrongly blame gun owners for the extreme actions of a very small percentage of people.

Weekend Update also took on the gun control debate:

Where do you stand on this, or are you staying out of it completely?

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