It's a small, small world. On last night's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 12, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) opened the door to meet Callie's (Sara Ramirez) new girlfriend Penny ... who happened to be the same doctor who could've helped to save Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) life last season and instead botched the job. Awkward!

Entertainment Weekly just did its usual Spoiler Room roundup and a "Grey's" fan asked how Meredith is going to react to Callie's new girlfriend. Here's the response, which also includes the debunking of a casting rumor:

How is Meredith going to react to Callie's new girlfriend on Grey's Anatomy? — Kendra
You mean the one who played a role in the death of her husband? In short: "Not well," Sara Ramirez tells me. "It's a challenging discovery. She's going to need a lot of support, and she's going to be reactive. That's going to create some major conflict between a lot of the doctors, including Meredith." Bonus: That rumor about Josh Duhamel guest-starring is totally false.

Sorry, Josh Duhamel! And sorry to Callie for this added drama.

The next episode, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" airs Thursday, October 22 and appears to directly pick up the action. Here's ABC's synopsis, which includes the tease, "Maggie deals with an embarrassing issue and everyone finally meets Callie's girlfriend":

In the midst of the sisters' dinner party, Maggie ditches her cooking duties to rush to the hospital. Meanwhile, April steps in to help cook as an attempt to avoid Jackson, and Arizona nervously waits to find out more about Callie's new girlfriend.

This should be interesting, to say the least.

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