What will you be watching on Netflix this time next year? It's currently being negotiated. Deadline just shared a report from a conference call Netflix had with Wall Street to try and boost investor confidence after a less-than-impressive Q3 report.

Apparently the topics of news and sports came up, and Deadline said Netflix isn't interested in offering sports matches. However, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said the likelihood of Netflix offering news to rival Vice "is probably high." But it would be more on the features side, they said, rather than breaking news. There were no further details on that, but it's something to keep in mind in terms of what they may be offering down the road.

Speaking of that, there's still a question mark over whether Netflix will get "Star Wars: Episode VII -- The Force Awakens" in 2016 once its streaming contract with Disney starts. "It's up to Disney. ... It's an ongoing discussion," Sarandos said. As Deadline noted, "As of now, the film — which premieres domestically in theaters on December 18 — would be the last still covered by Disney's expiring deal with Starz."

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings also weighed in on the recent price increase, saying he makes "no prognostication for the future on pricing." (Uh oh.) The execs said the recent bump mostly reflects Netflix's desire to offer more distinct price tiers depending on video quality.

Read more at Deadline. Fingers crossed that Netflix does get "The Force Awakens" but we're still waiting for an answer on why they took away so many horror movies on October 1. Why can't we stream "The Exorcist" this weekend, Netflix?

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