Comic-Con International 2015 - Lionsgate Press RoomFresh off her scathing open letter calling out Hollywood's ridiculous gender-based wage gap, Jennifer Lawrence may have set her sights on her next film project (and her next, deservedly-large paycheck).

Variety reports that Lawrence is in talks to star in director Darren Aronofsky's next flick, which is currently untitled and doesn't have a logline yet (that we know about, anyway). The indie drama would be Aronofsky's follow-up to 2014's "Noah," which failed to yield the awards season accolades of his previous project, "Black Swan" -- the flick that nabbed Natalie Portman the 2010 Best Actress Oscar.

Lawrence, of course, already has an Oscar under her belt, and three nominations total, but teaming up with Aronofsky may be her path to another little gold guy. She's also generating early awards buzz for "Joy," which is due out in December.

The actress has been in high demand lately, currently shooting the sci-fi romance "Passengers" with Chris Pratt, and writing a screenplay with red-hot comedy star Amy Schumer. She recently exited what was to be her next starring vehicle, "The Rosie Project," reportedly due to the stress of her packed schedule (director Richard Linklater also followed Lawrence out the door); if she's looking to take some more time off, it's unclear just how soon Aronofsky's flick would begin production.

Despite that possible obstacle, we think Lawrence and Aronofsky would be a good filmmaking match, especially if their collaboration yields a juicy, "Black Swan"-style role for the actress. Stay tuned to see if this partnership pans out.

[via: Variety]

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