UPDATE: Well, Episode 3 played out as advertised, and they want us to think Glenn is dead. Do you buy it? He wasn't in the "Talking Dead" In Memoriam. It's possible Nicholas's blood and guts covered him. Maybe the herd will be distracted away from Glenn's body by another loud noise, giving him a chance to escape. If Glenn were truly gone, Steven Yeun would've had a presence on "Talking Dead," and he'd be all over the post-show interviews. Don't expect this to be resolved quickly, though. It may take a few episodes to return to this moment.

Original post:

Warning: Major "The Walking Dead" spoilers ahead from Season 6 filming and the comic book.

Um. Wow. Let's hope this new "Walking Dead" death report is wrong. We'll know the truth in just a couple of days on October 25, but the reliable folks at The Spoiling Dead Fans just shared a spoilery Q&A on what happens in Sunday's Season 6, Episode 3, "Thank You," and although we can believe one of the deaths, the other one -- for a major character since Season 1 - feels like it has to be a misdirection/misunderstanding/other.

Here's the death part of the post, which prepares us to lose both Nicholas (Michael Traynor) and ... Glenn (Steven Yeun):

Q - Who dies and how?

A - Several Alexandrian redshirts - Zombie attack

Nicholas and Glenn, suicide and mass zombie attack

About 2/3 into the episode the scene with Glenn and Nicholas goes down exactly how we stated yesterday! Trapped on top of the dumpster Nicholas panics. He pulls out a gun and says 'Thank You' to Glenn and proceeds to kill himself. Glenn and Nichols fall off of the dumpster. Nicholas' body is under a mound of walkers. Glenn's body is under another pile of walkers. Glenn gets completely devoured. No one is around to see or hear him die.

We have checked numerous sources because this is completely insane. We will see Glenn being ripped apart by walkers and being 'deader than dead', but Steven has been on set this whole time. Even this week! Sources believe there is no way he could survive this episode unless they made the entire episode a dream which would be a complete waste for an episode. So unless TPTB have performed the greatest mindf-ck of all time then we should be seeing Glenn again.

I guess we have to wait to see how it all pans out!

Holy Walker Bait, Batman. Could they really kill off Glenn like that? There have been false Glenn death rumors before, though, (like in Season 5 when it turns out it was Bob who died) and comic book fans have been waiting for Negan to arrive and follow his storyline. So maybe this is just some kind of misunderstanding. Or maybe Steven Yeun is just ready to leave the show and The Powers That Be want to keep fans on their toes with the No One Is Safe mantra. If so, that would leave room for some other fans to be right, that when Negan does eventually show up they'll "remix" his big intro and he'll kill someone else -- maybe even Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus).

If Glenn does die in Episode 3, it marks another Moral Compass death. (Watch your back, Morgan.) And it would probably be followed by a Maggie (Lauren Cohan) pregnancy announcement, since that's part of the comic book too and it would be even more sad to leave that out. The one positive note about Glenn's death-by-Negan in the comic is that it brought out a strong new leadership side of Maggie.

Here are new spoilers from Entertainment Weekly, adding credence to the darkness of the episode:

Are we going to see anymore big Walking Dead moments from the comics this season? — Justin

By the end of Sunday's episode, it looks like we're on the way to at least two moments from the comics — neither of which are particularly good news. Get ready for a seriously tense hour.

One of those moments has to be the mega-herd attacking Alexandria. Is the other The Wolves taking on The Scavengers role of approaching the gate? Or maybe Rick taking over Alexandria? Or perhaps it's trying to hint to Negan/The Saviors/other communities in the area.

On the upside, Episode 4 is meant to be 90 minutes, and since it was written by showrunner Scott M. Gimple -- and Scott said he wrote the Morgan flashback -- we'll probably see how Morgan got to his "all life is precious" mantra after this weekend's dramatic death(s).

Do you think they will really kill Glenn, as well as Nicholas, in Episode 3, "Thank You"?

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