Celebrity Chefs Light Up The Strip At Vegas Uncork'd By Bon Appetit's Grand Tasting At Caesars PalaceHell's Kitchen," but when it comes to the kid contestants on "MasterChef Junior," he's sweet as pie. But what if he treated those pint-sized chefs the same as their adult counterparts? The results would be f--king hilarious, as a new, NSFW mashup video proves.

The clip in question layers uncensored, obscenity-laced tirades that Gordon has delivered on "Hell's Kitchen" with shots from "MasterChef Junior," and the way the editing works, you could swear that Ramsay was swearing in these upset children's faces. As the contestants scramble to chop, stir, souffle, shred, and serve, Ramsay's voice is the background constantly berating them.

One floppy-haired blond boy in particular seems like he's about to have a nervous breakdown as Ramsay's screams intensify. "What's so f--king complicated?!" Ramsay shouts as the poor kid tries desperately to stir a sauce, grate an onion, and peel a potato. A young girl sadly puts her head down on a table in defeat as Ramsay screams, "Take your jacket, and f--k off!"

Now, of course, we'd never condone actually screaming such horrifying things to children in real life. That would be beyond cruel and inappropriate. That being said, you have to admit that this mashup is pretty f--king brilliant. Check it out below.

Photo credit: Getty Images for Vegas Uncork'd