It's been several decades since Ash vs. Evil Dead."

Thirty years after first stumbling across the Necronomicon and awaking something evil in the woods, the snarky, sex-crazed demon hunter is back in business. He's much older and worse for the wear, of course, but none of that will stop him from fighting the good fight (and bedding any distressed damsel he can find).

Moviefone screened the first few episodes of the new series, which we think may appeal to lifelong fans of the franchise and newer audiences alike.

Here are five spoiler-free things to expect from the Halloween premiere:

1. Bruce Is Back and Groovier Than Ever

Bruce Campbell isn't just this show's titular hero and top-billed executive producer; he's the heart and soul of the entire "Evil Dead" franchise. So, for this new Starz series to have any chance of succeeding, he will have to knock it out of the park on a weekly basis. That's no easy feat for any actor, let alone one who's pushing 60 and hasn't played an action hero in several decades.

Thankfully (if not miraculously), Bruce pulls it off. His quips are perfectly timed and his stunts are believable – he plays the funny, fearless scoundrel to perfection. Has he aged? Sure, but that's a large part of the show's charm. Yes, Bruce is back and he's groovier than ever.

2. Perfect Blend of Horror and Humor

Contrary to popular belief, hilarity and horror aren't mutually exclusive. A lot of horror offerings try to be funny (and vice versa), but rarely does a film or movie succeed on both fronts. Well, "Ash vs. Evil Dead" is the exception to the rule. The show is funny -– really funny -– and it has plenty of legitimately frightening moments.

For example, when Ash spanks a woman with his wooden hand while making puns, you're probably going to laugh. But when she turns around and shows him her demon face (and screams "I'm coming... TO GET YOU!"), it's genuinely creepy.

3. Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Motif

The world has changed since Sam Raimi made the first "Evil Dead" in 1981, but Ash most certainly has not. From the opening scenes of "Ash vs. Evil Dead," it's clear our atypical hero's only motivations are getting laid, getting drunk and/or high, and doing it all to Deep Purple's "Space Truckin.'"

You'd think an undead invasion would bring about a shift in priorities -– especially after we learn his excessive partying might actually have caused the evil dead to return -– but you'd be wrong. Ash is and will always be Ash.

4. Badass Women

One way in which "Ash vs. Evil Dead" surpasses its cinematic predecessors is in its portrayal of strong women. The "Evil Dead" films were centered a demon-slaying chauvinist (however endearing), so it was smart of Starz to bring aboard a few tough females who can more than hold their own.

There is Amanda ("Sleepy Hollow's" Jill Marie Jones), a cop who is confronted with "deadites" early on and doesn't hesitate to pump them full of lead; Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), one of Ash's ValueStop co-workers who nearly breaks his wrist after he tries hitting on her; and then there's a mysterious woman named Ruby, played by the Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless.

5. Meta-Humor and Self-Awareness

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" isn't "Mad Men" or "The Wire" and doesn't try to be. The Starz series knows it's the sequel to a few dusty old cult films about a demon hunter with a chainsaw for a hand, and it's never afraid to poke fun at itself.

Whereas the heroes of most action-filled offerings are blessed with great strength or intellect, "Ash vs. Evil Dead" makes a running joke of Ash's lack of wisdom and poor physique. He was no world-class athlete even his evil-slaying prime, after all, so it makes sense that, now, after decades of unhealthy living, he's barely able to muster up enough stamina for sex in a bar bathroom.

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" premieres Halloween night on Starz at 9 p.m.