R-rated movies are a bit of a tough sell in Hollywood, since they immediately limit the audience for a film. And while the dark, violent villains at the heart of "Suicide Squad" would certainly imply that that movie should score an R, producer Charles Roven has said that the flick will indeed stick to a PG-13 rating -- but just barely.

In an interview with Collider, Roven said that the PG-13 rating was the plan all along, and that a large part of the reasoning behind that is that it's in a shared DC Comics universe with flicks such as "Batman v Superman" and the upcoming "Justice League" films (and standalone spinoffs).

"We really want to make these films tonally consistent," Roven explained, though he added the caveat that an R is not entirely out of the question in the future.

" ... [W]e're not dealing in absolutes because while this is business it's also a creative endeavor, so you want to leave yourself open to changing your mind, doing something different, being inspired," the producer told Collider, continuing, "that's the whole process of filmmaking is you have to allow for inspiration as well as having a road map for what you're gonna do."

But fans who may be let down by the current PG-13 plan should take heart: There are still plenty of possibilities to be bold, even with a less-restrictive rating.

" ... [O]ur plan right now is to make all these films PG-13. In some cases, you know, right there on the edge of PG-13," Roven said.

Based on everything we've seen from "Suicide Squad" so far, we believe it. The flick is due in theaters on August 5, 2016.

[via: Collider]