adele, hello, thanksgiving, snl, saturday night liveAre you dreading spending your Thanksgiving having tense political discussions with your relatives? "Saturday Night Live" is here to help, with an assist from Adele.

In one of the best sketches of the season (maybe of the decade?), "SNL" revealed the key to resolving seemingly insurmountable family squabbles on Turkey Day: Just put on an Adele song. It turns out that everyone -- yes, even your annoying relatives -- loves the British songstress, and her new single "Hello" unites the fighting family depicted in this delightful digital short.

This being "SNL," though, the cast and host Matthew McConaughey take things one step further, as they each begin to gradually morph into Adele herself. First comes a serious set of nails, then long, flowing locks, dramatic eye makeup, and a giant, fuzzy coat. Then, Aidy Bryant is sent straight to the "Hello" set, twirling in the ever-strengthening breeze as she bats away flying leaves and tries to keep her balance.

It's a great gag, punctuated by the youngest member of the family (the brilliant little girl who turned on the music in the first place) facing the camera and offering her thanks to Adele. We don't need it to be Thanksgiving to do that, but we will just the same: Thanks, Adele (and "SNL"), for saving Thanksgiving.

Photo credit: YouTube