Unlike Jon Snow, we now know something: The month "Game of Thrones" Season 6 will premiere! It's April. It's usually April, so no big shock, but there were whispers on Dragon Street that maybe the premiere would be pushed back in 2016, thanks to HBO's new show schedule.

But no. It's April. And Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is back in focus, looking like the dead crow he is (or might be):

We were just wondering if a gingerbread homage to King's Landing could even get a smile from Jon Snow, and now here he is dominating the first official Season 6 tease. The Powers That Be have been insisting that Jon is indeed dead, but clearly he's not out of the picture or the first poster art wouldn't be all about him.

Season 6 is just about done filming its 10 episodes, and hopefully we'll get to see the first footage from the new season fairly soon. Are you excited to see what happens next for Jon Snow, or tired of hearing speculation about what happens next for Jon Snow? Kit Harington must be counting the days until he can stop dancing around this subject.

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