bob saget, macaulay culkin, seth green, clare grant, selfieThe joy of social media means we get a glimpse into the lives of stars that we'd normally never see otherwise, and the beauty of that was proven this week when Macaulay Culkin, Bob Saget, and Seth Green all hung out together -- and posted evidence on Instagram.

The unlikely trio of friends got together to celebrate Saget's new Broadway show, "Hand to God," a performance of which Culkin, Green, and Green's wife, actress Clare Grant, attended earlier this week. The foursome hung out backstage, taking goofy photos, and then brought the fun outside for a truly awesome -- and '90s-tastic -- selfie.

Saget shared the snap on social media, though he let Green have the photography honors. He captioned the photo, "Fun times last night after show in the #TimesSquare with friends@ClareGrant, Macaulay Culkin, and the master of the selfie, my pal @SethGreen."

Aside from the inherent awesomeness of this group of people colliding, the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this photo is: How the heck do these people all know each other? E! News has a theory: Both Saget and Culkin have provided voices in the past to "Robot Chicken," the stop-motion series that Green co-created; it's possible that they all met while collaborating on that show.

However this trio was brought together, we're glad it happened -- and that we got to witness it (online, anyway).

[via: Bob Saget, h/t E! News]

Photo credit: Bob Saget/Instagram