You've got tiiiiiiiiiiiime before "Orange Is the New Black" returns for Season 4, but exactly how much time has yet to be revealed. The Netflix series just finished filming for the 2016 season, and considering the 13 episodes have dropped in June for three straight years, it stands to reason Season 4 will do the same. Maybe we're about to get a hint on that front, or some first footage:

Whatever that's about, we have about six months to wait to see what happens to Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and company. But, hey, congrats on wrapping the season!

(The photo shown above is from Uzo Aduba's Instagram on December 8, final shooting day.)

What happens in Litchfield this year? Well, back in late July, Taylor Schilling talked to Entertainment Weekly about her panty business and how it could mean more jail time for Piper.

"She may only have three months left," Taylor said. "It's a pretty wild thing that this character is risking a significantly extended sentence to play with this panty business." Also, the actress told EW, despite the fact that Piper turned on Stella last season, Taylor believes her character can still find redemption. "What if she's moving toward a place where she's finally, for the first time in her life saying, 'I'm going to bring it and I'm going to be who I am,' and she's been trapped by blonde hair and blue eyes for so much of her life? Maybe it is redemption to go too far."

Are you ready for the new season, possibly with some redemption/comeuppance for Piper?

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