Another day, another impressive box office feat for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens": The flick has now surpassed "The Avengers" at the global box office, earning a jaw-dropping $1.54 billion since its December 18 debut.

That means that "The Force Awakens" is now the fourth highest-grossing film of all time at the global box office (not accounting for inflation), leaving "Furious 7" ($1.515 billion) and "Avengers" ($1.529) in its dust. That leaves only three flicks for "The Force Awakens" to overtake if it wants to win the worldwide box office crown: "Jurassic World" (number three, with $1.668 billion), "Titanic" (number two, with $2.186 billion), and "Avatar" (number one, with $2.787 billion).

It may be impossible to catch up to that latter film, but "Star Wars" has proven that pesky, long-standing box office records are no match for the power of "The Force Awakens," breaking at least 40 box office records as of this week, and possibly more. (So many that even industry tracking titan Box Office Mojo admits that it can't keep up with them all quickly enough.)

"The Force Awakens" has yet to overtake "Avatar"'s domestic total of $760.5 million, though that record is expected to fall any day hour now. Whether it can take down that flick's gold standard global tally is less certain (industry analysts have tentatively predicted that it won't), but it's undeniable that "TFA" is due to rake in cash for the foreseeable future, especially with its China release slated for January 9.

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