If you're not watching Disney XD's "Star Wars: Rebels," you may want to soon fix that.

Hot off the success of "The Force Awakens," a new trailer for the animated series has hit -- which teases both a connection to villain Kylo Ren and (potentially) another Sith from the Prequels.

The trailer, providing an action-y sneak peek at the final six episodes of Season 2, shows hero Ezra Bridger activating -- wait for it -- a green-bladed cross guard lightsaber. Yep, one similar to that of Darth Temper Tantrum Ren.

The blade is the same color as Luke's saber from "Return of the Jedi," and it's also seemingly more refined in its construction -- judging by the smoother edges of the energy blade compared to Ren's crackling, jagged weapon. *puffs on inhaler.

This reveal offers the first hint of connective tissue between the fan-favorite series and the biggest movie of all-time. Watch the trailer now:

Also teased? Toward the end of the trailer, Ezra encounters a hooded figure whose face, covered in shadow, bears markings similar to Darth Maul. Mind. Blown.

The connections to previous Star Wars films don't stop there. The trailer also confirms appearances from Princess Leia, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

Is Maul still alive in this pre-"New Hope" universe? If so, where has he been? What's he been up to? We'll hopefully find out when "Rebels" returns January 20.