You'd think "The Walking Dead" star "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday night, and they played a little game called "Name That Thing." The two stars were shown some kind of ... thing ... and had to write down its exact title.

It's harder than it sounds! And it did not go well, especially for Jack.

Here's the game:

Maggie slays, once again! Glenn would be proud.

That said, Lauren got a gift with those 10 points for "small fruit." And did anyone really know "auger"? But shame on Jack for writing "Djiree Don't" instead of "sitar." Lauren went one better and even wrote "Ravi Shakar's sitar," even though it wasn't Ravi Shakar's. And she is now, officially, The Queen of Soups. Jack, on the other hand, tried to sell Jimmy on "Pee" soup. Thankfully, he crossed off "Poop" soup, but you know someone out there has tried that.

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