'Tis the season for your kids, and your neighbor's kids, and your co-worker's kids, to ask you to sign your life savings away to buy cookies so addictive they should be kept behind a pharmacist's counter. Everyone seems to be selling Girl Scout cookies right about now, even "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night, and she showed up a bit early to pressure Jimmy into buying cookies.

Alison: "All the talk show hosts are buying them. Ellen bought 400 boxes."

Jimmy pointed out that Alison (age 33) is a bit old to be in the Girl Scouts. She said it's for her kids, then trotted out two "daughters" she claimed were her own, even though one of them is male and Alison doesn't actually have any children.

Eventually, Alison told Jimmy to stop f--king around and just buy the damn cookies. Not wanting to be outdone by Ellen, Jimmy signed up for 400 boxes (which is $2,000?!) and made Guillermo pay for them. (The best part of the video is Guillermo muttering "sonofab-tch" under his breath.) You're not supposed to pay until the cookies arrive, though, so clearly Alison is running a talk show scam. She should keep all the cookies for herself -- especially any Thin Mints. Dang, those things are good.

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