The only thing wrong with "Saturday Night Live" episode is that it makes us miss "Curb Your Enthusiasm" even more. David has already been a major star of this SNL season, thanks to his spot-on impression of Sen. Bernie Sanders. For the February 6 show, held just three days before the 2016 New Hampshire Primary, David didn't do another debate performance, but he did play a very Larry David version of Bernie Sanders in the brilliant "Bern Your Enthusiasm" sketch.

It's classic "Curb," with Jay Pharoah knocking out another perfect impression as J.B. Smoove's Leon, and Cecily Strong earning guffaws with a dead-on Susie Greene. That it blends the actual Iowa caucus result with the usual Larry David "Curb" behavior -- including milk choice! -- is award-worthy:


Sen. Sanders showed up himself to mock the 1 percent, as embodied by Larry David, in a Titanic-like sketch called "Steam Ship":

Overall, it was a pretty, pretayyyy, prettayyy, pretayyyy good night for Larry David. Do you think it will have any impact on Sen. Sanders's votes, as late night appearances occasionally can, or was it just some good fun?

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