full house, wedding, aunt becky, uncle jesse, forever, anniversaryIt was 25 years ago today that ABC aired one of the romantic episodes in television history: The wedding of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky on "Full House." Okay, so maybe that's a subjective statement, but to fans who grew up on the wholesome (and yes, sometimes quite cheesy) family sitcom, it was -- have mercy -- a pretty big deal, and the original stars behind the episode are celebrating the milestone, too.

In an Instagram post, Lori Loughlin -- a.k.a. Aunt Becky -- paid tribute to her television character and her onscreen spouse, played by John Stamos, with a sweet message commemorating their union. "Happy Anniversary to Jesse & Becky celebrating 25 years of marriage! Way to go kids!!" Loughlin captioned a snap of the couple, on the set of upcoming Netflix sequel series "Fuller House."

Happy Anniversary to Jesse & Becky celebrating 25 years of marriage! Way to go kids!! ❤️????

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Jesse and Becky tied the knot in a two-part cliffhanger episode -- which aired on ABC on February 15, 1991 -- that featured Jesse deciding to go skydiving for one last hurrah on his wedding day, only to wind up with his parachute caught in a tree. Like most things on "Full House," though, everything wound up okay in the end, and Jesse and Becky were able to tie the knot in a belated ceremony. (Stamos also serenaded his TV bride with a rendition of Beach Boys tune "Forever," as classic a "Full House" moment as there ever was.)

Congrats to the happy couple! Here's hoping they get the anniversary party they deserve on "Fuller House."

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