Walking Dead"The Walking Dead" really lives up to its name -- with a lot of walking.

According to the new Honest Trailer for seasons 4-6, that's all characters seem to do. Oh, and not getting killed, "even when they're clearly eaten by a massive herd of friggin' zombies." That refers to the non-death of Glenn (Steven Yeun), which felt like a predictable cop-out to some fans. Critics pointed to it as another instance where the show keeps major characters alive in unrealistic circumstances.

The Honest Trailer also pokes fun at AMC itself, for riding the "Walking Dead" gravy train for all its worth. "From the network behind some your favorite show's prequel spinoffs, comes the phenomenon that shows no signs of stopping," the voice-over says. And it points out how the network likes to use "Walking Dead" to promote its other, lesser shows, like "Into the Badlands" and "Hell on Wheels," though the strategy hasn't exactly succeeded.

Best of all? "CORAL!"

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