In its 41 seasons, "Saturday Night Live" has seen everyone from actors and comedians, to musicians and athletes, to models and politicians host the sketch comedy series. But a group of "Deadpool" fans are now petitioning the show to do something it's never done before: Invite a superhero to host, in character.

That's the hope of more than 30,000 fans (and counting), who've signed a petition addressed to "SNL," head honcho Lorne Michaels, NBC, and "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds, asking for the show to consider tapping Deadpool -- and not simply just Reynolds -- to host the show in its entirety as the Merc with a Mouth.

"How would this not be hilarious having Deadpool in sketches, breaking the 4th wall, and inserting some of his brand of humor (obviously toned down a bit for network television)!?!?!" states the petition, penned by a punctuation-loving "Deadpool" fan named Andrew Stege from Matteson, IL.

Stege, who admits he hasn't watched a full episode of the sketch comedy series in years (probably not ingratiating yourself to Michaels with that statement, dude), suggests even having Deadpool join the episode's musical guest for some "interpretive dancing."

"There's unlimited possibilities!!!" Stege's petition exclaims.

Considering the flick's record-breaking box office performance, having the character host the show would certainly be an easy way for "SNL" to grab viewers (and headlines). Then again, we doubt "SNL" would be open to essentially turning itself into an episode-long advertisement for one movie. We'll have to wait and see how this shakes out, though based on the petition's performance so far, it looks like the show will have to respond in one way or another soon.


Photo credit: 20th Century Fox UK