Batman v SupermanThanks to the success of "Deadpool," all the superhero movies want in on the R rating.

The MPAA revealed that there is an R-rated cut of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" labeled for home release. That version has "sequences of violence" that push it beyond the PG-13 theatrical edition opening March 25. So, no sex for the titular superheroes (sorry, slash lovers — go write some fanfic).

It's unclear if how far these "sequences of violence" go -- if they are longer, more brutal versions of existing battles, or a fight scene that had to be cut to make the PG-13 ratings.​

This R-rated "Batman v Superman" was likely in the works for a long time before "Deadpool" stunned at the box office. Director Zack Snyder has released longer, darker cuts of previous films like "Watchmen."

Still, "Deadpool's" jaw-dropping box office haul is further justification for making more superhero movies that are rated R. Fox is reportedly going to aim for that rating with its next "Wolverine" movie (also probably planned many moons ago).

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