Ashley (L)  and Mary-Kate Olsen arrive aCritics may be mixed (OK, not mixed, they hated it) on "Fuller House," but #FullerHouse has been trending all day on its February 26 debut, and fans seem charmed by Netflix's '90s nostalgia trip.

We were already told that the Olsen twins's decision to skip the "Full House" sequel would be addressed by noting that their character, Michelle Tanner, was in New York running her fashion empire. But we didn't quite know that the actors would use that line to break the fourth wall, giving very pointed looks to the camera, and giving the studio audience an early laugh.

Well, the Internet got it, dude, and ate it up like candy:

Candace Cameron Bure told Us Weekly that look into the camera wasn't written in the script. "We just sort of decided to do it for the writers and producers as we did our run-through. But it was so funny and so poignant that they kept it in! I mean, it's a fun poke!"

A fun poke, eh? Do you think the Olsens are out there somewhere, watching "Fuller House" or at least being told that the cast just threw some shade their way? Do they care? And what did we as a society do before the word "shade" was used for everything? These are the questions that keep us up at night.

If you happen to watch "Fuller House" and think "I hope there's more," well, there's no official word yet on Season 2, but Bob Saget pitched "Fullest House" to Entertainment Weekly:

"What we're expecting it to do is be so beloved by the fans that later there will be a 'Fullest House,' which will be the children of the new kids on the show. And I will come out of Cryovac cave. [You know] how aliens sleep for a thousand years? They'll just open some thing, and I'll still be there. I'll be able to do it. I can do it from a nursing home. I don't care. I will never let the legacy be tarnished."

Yeah, he's joking, but Bob Saget playing Danny Tanner from a nursing home sounds about right from here.

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