However you feel about the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, you have to hand it to Chris Rock and the 2016 Oscars producers for playing it to their advantage -- through silence. Rock, who is hosting the show for the second time this Sunday, talked to The Hollywood Reporter before the nominees were announced, then canceled subsequent interviews after all-white nominees made headlines. He's been pretty low-key in the interim, keeping his material secret to ensure a must-watch monologue.

It's not like he's completely staying out of it. His Pinned Tweet is "The #Oscars. The White BET Awards." But other than that, he's only tweeted a couple of teaser images, including dressed in a NASA suit presumably for a skit about "The Martian."

And now that we are just T-Minus 48 hours until showtime, here's what he teased to fans:

Blackout and static. Don't expect any news until the show, and when it hits, be ready. Hollywood seems braced for impact, and based on many replies to Chris's tweet, the reactions from viewers will be quite polarizing. Apparently this is not the week where we all start trying to get along! Maybe next year.

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