Yes, "Gilmore Girls." It's freakin' Michel and Sookie. We cannot be held responsible for our hope.

So we're choosing to read around it. Yanic is returning for Netflix's "Gilmore Girls" revival, but -- last we heard -- Melissa McCarthy was not. Apparently she wasn't asked...? Leaving that one open. We'd love to hear confirmation that she will be part of the show after all, but for now we can just stare at the faces of our old friends:

You can see the caption, but the Instagrammers -- God love 'em -- immediately asked what this means, saying the consensus is that Michel needs Sookie.

Last month, Yanic shared the first "Gilmore Girls" revival set photo, with Lauren Graham, aka Lorelai. His next photo, after the one with Melissa, was with his barber on set, "who gives 'Michel' [his] weekly buzz." We have officially decided to read into the fact that, one day he was with Melissa/Sookie, and the next day he was back on set. She's close. Too close to ignore, right?

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