"All will be well," author Ransom Riggs promises worried fans of his novel "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children." The book is turning into a movie, courtesy of director Tim Burton, who seems like the perfect choice for the fantastical story. However, when the first photos from the film were released by Entertainment Weekly and Empire Magazine, fans couldn't help noticing some major changes.

For example, why is Emma (Ella Purnell) shown wearing lead shoes?

Why is Emma the one floating with a rope held by Jake (Asa Butterfield)? In the book, Emma has the "peculiarity" of being able to make fire with her hands. Olive (shown at far left in the film still below) is the one who is meant to be lighter than air. The film apparently switched their powers, and changed ages of characters, and it has fans flummoxed.

But the author is behind the changes, and proudly took to Twitter to show off the photos and reassure fans that everything is going to be even better than OK:

Head to EW and Empire for more photos, including great shots of Eva Green as the title character, and Dame Judi Dench as Miss Avocet. The movie is scheduled to open September 30.

Are you disappointed about the changes, or will you stay in wait-and-see mode?

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