Chris Hemsworth is Australian, and Thor, so maybe that's why he has a more prominent role in the international trailer for "Ghostbusters." Most of the trailer is similar to the first one, but there are a few new scenes, including a failed mosh pit jump by Leslie Jones's character, Patty, and several new shots of Hemsworth as secretary/assistant Kevin. Apparently Kristen Wiig's Erin, has a thing for him, or at least that's hinted in a flirty scene toward the start.

The end scene is the best, though, with Melissa McCarthy's Patty telling her fellow 'busters that she had Kevin come up with a few logo ideas for the group. The first illustration is a ghost with big breasts, and no one is happy about it. Erin suggests it may make them look bad. "Is it the boobs?" Kevin asks. "I could make 'em bigger." Mmmm. Probably not. But thanks!

Watch the trailer:

"Ghostbusters" is scheduled for release July 15th, 2016.

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