Charlie Hunnam's longtime girlfriend, Morgana, is being cyberbullied by so-called fans of the actor. Sadly, this isn't anything new. Celebs have plenty of haters, but their own fans are often the worst offenders when it comes to bashing others online, including envy blasts of the stars's significant others.

But Hunnam has had enough. The "Sons of Anarchy" alum and almost-star of "Fifty Shades of Grey" asked a friend to post a message. Here it is (via SOA Fanatic):

"Dear ladies of social media,

This is a message from Charlie Hunnam. I have no social media so I have asked my good friend and long time supporter Tina Lou to post this message for me.

It has been brought to my attention that there is a group of immature girls posting a large number of hard messages aimed at my long time girlfriend. I would respectfully ask you to stop doing this. She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry. If you want to talk shit, talk shit about me, leave her out of it. What is most confusing is that these negative and totally unprovoked attacks appear to be coming from the people who call themselves my fans. Think about the logic of this for a moment. This is a girl I love very much and have spent the last eleven years of my life with and hope to spend the next sixty years. She has been my loyal and supportive partner long before I had any success or money. Why would you attack her out of admiration for me? It makes no sense. Perhaps you might think about spending the time you dedicate on attacking her on improving the quality of your own life, as it is well known that this type of random hatred usually comes from deep rooted personal unhappiness. This about this. Also, I guarantee if you knew her you would feel very silly, as my girlfriend is one of the kindest, nicest, most virtuous people I have ever met. There is literally nothing about her or her behavior that deserves this type of condemnation.

Thank you in advance for respecting this request.

Best Wishes, Charlie Hunnam"

Perfection. Some fans questioned (harshly) whether the message was really from Charlie, so he made his own video to prove that he did in fact write that and asked her to post it.

Hey guys. Last week I posted an extract from an email that was sent to us for the attention of " the ladies of social...

Posted by Charlie Hunnam on Monday, March 7, 2016

Good for him -- for posting something, and even trying to keep it positive and respectful, despite the anger he and Morgana have every right to feel. And he's right, it's ironic that the people who claim to be his fans are the ones doing the most damage to his life, by hurting someone he loves.

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