It's the mid-season finale of "Pretty Little Liars," aka the most frustrating night of the year! But despite false promises of huge reveals in the past, we actually found out who A is during this episode. Shocking, right? Also, two liars coupled up with their OG love connections, one liar potentially got murdered, and Toby Cavanaugh revealed that he can speak French (LOLOLOL). Just another lovely day in America's most charming town! Keep reading to find out who A is.

In Which Ali Goes Crazy, Pulls a Toby and Accidentally Gets High

OK, first up let's talk about Ali, who is having delusional visions of both her dead mother and Detective Wilden due to being high AF on pain killers. In fact, her visions are so bad that the liars have to babysit her, only they totally fail due to being terrible at everything, and she wanders off to a church to commence ~*shaking and crying*~. Poor Ali is in such a state that she eventually asks Emily to check her into a psychiatric ward, and it's like, way to take care of your mental health, Ali, but maybe next time just visit a doctor? Just a thought.

In Which Aria and Ezra Morph into #Ezria

Guys, we're so worried about Ezra. Not only is he a shell of his former stalker self, he's sunk into a deep depression over his dead girlfriend. You know, the one who mysteriously disappeared in the forest? Or something? Anyway, poor Ezra is the human equivalent of an emotional roller coaster, and all he does is weep, wear unbuttoned henley shirts, and have sex with Aria. Because yes, these two totally hook up to celebrate the completion of their weird joint novel, which is super exciting news for all of us who were fans of their inappropriate student-teacher relationship.

In Which Caleb and Hanna Morph into #Haleb

Remember last week when Hanna decided to tell A she'd murdered Charlotte? Well, this week Caleb helps Hanna concoct a devious plan: to sit in a cabin surrounded by a homemade electric fence. And for those of you wondering how Caleb built said electric fence, he Googled it. Naturally, Caleb and Hanna's alone time in the woods leads to some serious bonding, in which Hanna reveals that she never wanted to break up with him. A makeout session follows said reveal (because duh), which is super awkward considering that Caleb had just come off having sex with Spencer—who, by the way, dropped the L-word on him. This is all going so well!

In Which Toby and Spencer Do Not Become #Spoby, and Instead Get Their Awkward Sleuth on

Before you start feeling too bad for Spencer, she spends most of this episode chilling with Toby "Kindergarten Cop" Cavanaugh, who's taken to wearing button down flannel shirts and thick-frame glasses. Unleash your inner hipster, Toby! Feel the rain on your skin! Anyway, these two don't hook up during their time together thanks to Mona third-wheeling it, but they do break into Radley's basement and find a hidden file revealing some huge news. Turns out Charlotte was adopted by the DiLaurentis family, and her real mother was someone named Mary Drake. Hmmm...the hilariously convoluted plot thickens.

In Which There's a *Huge* Reveal

OK, so here's the deal: After promising Hanna that he'd never let anything happen to her, Caleb and his fellow liars abandon her in the cabin to go check on their fence, and she's promptly stolen via a hole in the floor. Because of course. Fortunately, Caleb had the presence of mind to set up video cameras, which show none other than Jessica DiLaurentis wandering through the woods.

But wait, you say. She's dead! Correct, however what we see (and the liars most definitely do not) is Jessica revealing that she is in fact Mary Drake, Mrs. DiLaurentis' twin sister who's avenging her daughter's death. And her accomplice? None other than Alison's boyfriend, Elliot, who is 100 percent evil, used to date Charlotte, and went to the trouble of getting a life-like Wilden mask just to scare the sh*t out of Ali. Mic drop.

Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to Hanna, she may or may not be dead / not on the show anymore. Second mic drop.