"How To Get Away With Murder" may be over for the season, but Shonda Rhimes isn't about to give up her claim on your Thursday nights. The producer's latest offering, "The Catch," joins ABC's all-Shondaland "TGIT" line-up.

Like other Shondaland shows, "Catch" -- which stars Mireille Enos ("The Killing") as a detective hunting down the one man who ever conned her, fiancé Peter Krause ("Parenthood") -- looks like it'll be a drama full of jaw-dropping plot twists and led by a strong heroine. So far, that formula has worked well for Rhimes, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Here's how we'd rank the Shondaland slate so far.
Grey's Anatomy TV Show Poster
Grey's Anatomy
ABCTV14March 27, 2005
Based on 5 critics

Some doctors at a hospital in Seattle -- including several who began their careers at the facility as interns -- try to balance life and work. Read More

How to Get Away With Murder TV Show Poster
How to Get Away With Murder
ABCTV14September 25, 2014
Based on 30 critics

Law professor Annalise Keating and her students struggle to stay united as they get mixed up in murder and other illegal activities. Read More

The Catch TV Show Poster
The Catch
ABCTV14March 24, 2016
Based on 33 critics

A successful private investigator searches for her fiance, who disappeared after stealing millions. Read More