the walking dead, walking dead, negan, jeffrey dean morgan, season finale, season 6, 616After our brief glimpse of Negan's back -- and trusty bat -- in the "Walking Dead" season six finale promo, AMC has released an official preview photo from the episode, featuring a clearer look at both the man and his nasty-looking weapon of choice.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The image still doesn't reveal the villain's face, though we know he's being played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so you can probably fill in the blanks there for yourself. What's striking is his baseball bat, which comic readers know has been dubbed "Lucille," and which will be used to devastating effect on at least one of our survivors in the finale. (Click here for a SPOILER about the specifics, which may or may not wind up deviating from the comic storyline, if previous reports are any indication.)

The barb wire-encrusted weapon resembles the curious carving that Carl noticed on the butt of a handgun stolen from the Saviors, and could also explain those gruesome head injuries that Glenn and Heath saw on the wall of Polaroids at the Saviors's compound. However this bat figures into next Sunday's proceedings, it can't be good.

Season six of "The Walking Dead" wraps on April 3 at 9 p.m. with a 90-minute installment. Based on this photo and last week's tense cliffhanger, we have a feeling we're all going to need a hug by the end of the episode.

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC