Winners in the entertainment and children's categories of the Peabody Awards were announced on Friday, honoring an eclectic array of television series (and one movie) including a network comedy, a reality show send-up, prestige cable dramas, and buzzworthy streaming series.

The 75th annual awards, given by the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, are meant to distinguish excellence in electronic media, though in years past, the organization's parameters have expanded considerably in terms of what specific formats are honored. "Serial" made headlines in 2014 when it was the first ever podcast selected for a Peabody; this year's offbeat selection is "Beasts of No Nation," Netflix's feature film that's the only movie among the multiple television honorees. (Winners in the documentary and education categories will be announced later this month.)

Here's the full winners list so far:

"Beasts of No Nation"


"Deutschland 83"

"Marvel's Jessica Jones"

"Master of None"

"Mr. Robot"

"The Leftovers"



"Wolf Hall"

"Katie Morag"

In a statement, Peabody director Jeffrey P. Jones said, "[W]ith programming readily available for on-demand and online streaming through new platforms and exhibition spaces, what separates these spaces is less meaningful than the stories being told there. Throughout all this, the scope of the Peabody Awards continues to grow as media changes, but our goal remains the same: to recognize stories that matter."

[via: The Peabody Awards]