DAVID THEWLIS as Remus Lupin and DANIEL RADCLIFFE as Harry Potter in Warner Bros. Pictures' fantasy "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE USED SOLELY FOR ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, PUBLICITY OR REVIEWS OF THIS SPECIFIC MOTION PICTURE AND TO REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE STUDIO. NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.Last year, on the May 2 anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling began a tradition of apologizing for one character death per anniversary. She started in 2015 with Fred Weasley. Since today is May 2, 2016, Rowling returned to Twitter to share her second apology, along with reasons why she killed off this year's tribute: beloved teacher/Marauder/werewolf Remus "Moony" Lupin, played on screen by David Thewlis.

Baby Teddy! He's the son of Lupin and Tonks, who were both killed in the battle. Twitter is honoring the anniversary by trending #18YearsBattleOfHogwarts with some tributes that may make your eyes water.

Do you think they'll do a major worldwide event in 2018 for the 20th anniversary? We should probably feel bad for caring more about this than most real-life events, but ... nope.

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