Nerve Dare ... or bigger dare?

Truth has no place in an elaborate, social-driven, voyeuristic mobile game in "Nerve." In it, people are either players or watchers, and the stakes can be life or death. When Vee (Emma Roberts) starts playing, the dares are harmless — kissing a random guy for five seconds. Then, the dares escalate, sending her into the city with that random guy (Dave Franco), making her try on an expensive dress, getting at tattoo, etc.

But then, the game begins taking a darker turn, as their identities are stolen and their money taken — with watchers egging them on.'Nerve' (2016) Trailer

The trailer looks like a thriller in the vein of "Unfriended." It's got Roberts and Franco as the leads, constant use of smartphones, and the participation of a mostly invisible online audience. Horror's gone millennial!

"Nerve" opens in theaters July 27.

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