27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala - ArrivalsWell, we found it: The one week in this lifetime it would really suck to be Johnny Depp.

Late Wednesday night the news broke that Amber Heard, Depp's wife of just 15 months, had filed for divorce on Monday, May 23. According to TMZ, that divorce filing, for the classic "irreconcilable differences," came just three days after Depp's mother, Betty Sue Palmer, passed away at age 81. Heard listed their date of separation as Sunday, two days after his mom died.

And this isn't a week where Depp can really keep a low profile; he's meant to be in the public eye promoting his movie "Alice Through the Looking Glass," which -- more bad news -- only has a 31 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A lot of celebs try to file divorce papers during low-key times, or at least at the end of the week to avoid tabloid coverage, but there's no hiding this one.

Also, Amber filed for spousal support, despite the barely-a-year-marriage. TMZ said Depp filed his response through his lawyer, asking the judge to reject Amber's support claim. No word on what will happen to the dogs she infamously smuggled into Australia while he was filming.

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TMZ's sources said they had no prenup, which is surprising. They're also deep-diving into the family strife, with a separate report claiming Depp's two teenage children, sisters, and mother all "hated" Amber. It's a bad time to remind him, but a lot of people questioned this relationship, not just for the age gap (he's 52, she's 30) but because he jumped into that marriage right after his 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis.

People is also jumping into the fray, and their sources seem to be closer to the Team Amber camp.

"Before Amber met Johnny she was just a regular super cool hipster chick living with roommates who dated girls. At their engagement party she kind of got cold feet... she was just like what is this scene and what am I doing here? She kind of couldn't believe it was her life now." So why did she marry him? A separate source told People, "When Johnny Depp wants you, you don't really say no. Why would you?"

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