"Nashville" may not have sung its last song yet, as studio Lionsgate continues to search for a new home for the cancelled ABC drama.

Fans were shocked -- and pretty upset -- when the season four finale ended on a cliffhanger centering around the fate of Juliette (Hayden Panettiere), despite that episode likely being the show's last. But according to Lionsgate, that controversial ending was intentional, in order to give "Nashville" more cachet as it angles to get picked up elsewhere.

According to Lionsgate execs, that strategy is working. Variety reports that during an earnings report conference call on Thursday, studio brass said that "four to five different platforms" were interested in picking up the program -- and that all of that interest has been from "inbound inquires coming directly to us, asking about the possibility of moving the show."

That's good news for the country music drama, whose fate had been up in the air for pretty much its entire ABC run. While a fan favorite show, it never soared in the ratings, and ABC decided to cut the cord earlier this month, leaving producers to scramble with last-minute edits to resolve the storylines of several key characters (minus Juliette, of course).

According to Variety, all the major stars are still under long-term contracts to continue on the series, should it be revived elsewhere. And if Lionsgate gets its way, the goal is to make sure the show -- wherever it winds up next -- remains on the air for as long as possible.

"These kinds of shows can go forever and ever — obviously that's our hope and expectation, but we've to to do it one season at a time," said Kevin Beggs, Lionsgate head of TV, in the call with reporters. "So right now, we're all about Season 5. So we hope to land Season 5 and keep talking about this show for years to come."

Nashies have their fingers crossed. Stay tuned.

[via: Variety]