If *that* is how "Nashville" really ends, well, that's a shame. But don't worry. The Powers That Be intentionally ditched a happy ending scene for Juliette and Avery in favor of a plane crash cliffhanger precisely to give the show a better chance for life after ABC.

As you know, ABC canceled the series after four seasons, but Nashies have been trending #BringBackNashville, and one of those Nashies is apparently series producer Lionsgate TV. Multiple sources told TVLine that the cliffhanger ending was a business decision to try and make the show more attractive to platforms to pick up for Season 5.

A source close Lionsgate told TVLine the studio "is fully confident that there's much more Nashville to be told. Tonight's Season 4 finale ending speaks to that confidence. Not to frustrate or disappoint fans, rather Lionsgate, ABC Studios and Opry Entertainment are listening to fans' outpouring of support online for more."

On that note, look what Lionsgate tweeted:

Yes! Lionsgate has reportedly been having talks with a bunch of interested networks, so -- as much as that finale may have frustrated Javery fans -- Nashies should trust that the studio knows what it has to do to market the show to a new home. After all, if everyone got a happy ending, and all loose ends were tied up, then it would really look like a series finale instead of a show that has more stories to be told.

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