It's not a typical meet-cute story to say you met a superstar when he taped you up as you cried on the bed, but at least it's memorable.

In "Criminal" -- out on DVD, Blu-ray, and On Demand July 26 -- plays the widow of a recently deceased CIA Agent played by ; is the dangerous death-row inmate who has the agent's memories and skills implanted in his own mind in the hope that he can complete the agent's mission. plays the doctor behind the memory-transfer treatment, with as the CIA supervisor. So, yeah, that's Robin Hood, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Kay, and Commissioner Gordon all in the same action movie. Pretty cool.
CRM_2756.NEFThe "Criminal" home release includes two featurettes with the cast and crew. Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes clip below, with Gary Oldman and company discussing "the new Kevin Costner" introduced in the movie, and Costner explaining the interesting circumstance in which he met the future Wonder Woman.

"I came to the shoot without any prep, so to speak, except my own. I was working by myself. So when I came to London, the movie was already shooting, and my first day I'm in a scene where I confront Gal in her house, you know, and basically tape her up. That was how I met her."

Nice to meet you. Now, get on the bed and start crying while I wrap your mouth and arms with tape. But let's get lunch later!

Here's the exclusive clip, showing a piece of the tape-up scene in question:

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