"Star Trek Beyond" New York Premiere - ArrivalsWhile many fans are behind Idris Elba becoming the next James Bond, the actor himself thinks his chances of getting the gig are pretty slim -- and he may not even want the role.

That's what Elba said during a recent appearance on Good Morning America, where he chatted about the rumors that he was next in line for 007. The actor called the speculation "the wildest rumor in the world," and admitted that unlike other high-profile candidates, he hasn't had any sort of meeting with producers about the possibility, though he appreciates the public's support of the idea.

"I keep saying if it were to happen it would be the will of a nation, because there hasn't been any talks between me and the studio about any of that," Elba told GMA. "But everywhere I go people want that to happen."

While the actor has certainly left the door open for himself to take the part should an offer ever materialize, he said that he thought at his age -- 43 -- he may be past his Bond prime.

" ... [I]f I'm really honest, man, I think I'm too old for that," Elba said. " ... Running around in cars, and ladies and martinis -- who wants to do that? Sounds terrible."

While the actor was probably joking about just how rough all the girls and drinks would be, we have to take issue with his claim that he's too old for such an action-heavy role. After all, this is the guy who gave his costar a black eye while filming a fight scene for "Star Trek Beyond."

We'll keep our fingers crossed that Bond producers come to their senses and keep Elba under consideration. And if not, maybe he can drown his sorrows with fellow down-on-his-chances candidate Tom Hiddleston.

[via: Good Morning America]

Photo credit: Getty Images