Well, that was awkward. Frank Eudy is pretty much a lock to go home Thursday, July 28 in "Big Brother 18" Week 5. He and his Cabbage Patch Kid best ally Bridgette Dunning are on the block, and the Wednesday episode will show that (surprise, surprise) Michelle Meyer won the Power of Veto. Congrats, Meech, you'll finally get some screen time!

Frank is not one to give up without a fight, but he also doesn't want to turn on Bridgette. He wanted to turn the target on Da'Vonne Rogers, even though this is how most of the house still feels about Frank:

Frank didn't quite seem to get that, although he gets it now.

This week, as live feeds watchers have seen, he's been pushing for Michelle to use the POV on himself and have Head of Household James Huling replace him with Day.

Two problems:

1) No one else wanted Day gone over Frank.

2) No one else wanted to actually tell Frank No. 1.

Instead, Frank called a house meeting. House meetings are always good for drama, but almost never good for helping whoever called the meeting. Frank's meeting, held late last night, was painfully awkward. He wanted to use it to get the group to target Day, but Day was still in the room and it took a while for anyone to just tell Frank straight out that it's a lost cause. He is the target.

Here's a brief rundown, Twitter-style, of how it played out:

It didn't have to be, Michelle. It's sad that this group seems so afraid to speak up. And when is anyone going to turn on the showmances instead of having everything be about Frank and Da'Vonne? Someone has to go after Paulie Calafiore at some point, and not just because of that awful haircut he got from "your boy" Paul.

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