Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe visit AOL Hq for Build on June 27, 2016 in New York. Photos by Noam GalaiHard truth: You will never get to live vicariously through heartwarming tweets from Daniel Radcliffe to J.K. Rowling. Like fetch, it will not happen. DanRad is currently promoting his new film "Imperium" and during a New York TimesTalk (via People), he discussed his avoidance of social media, and technology in general.

"I got email three years ago. I managed to not because I loved not having it, and then I had to get it cause I joined a fantasy football league."

Radcliffe is now 27, so he waited until he was 24 to get an email account, and it took fantasy football to get him there. It's admirable -- and rare -- for this techno-age, but perhaps it's also a sign that he's lived a pretty sheltered life? There's probably a manager or agent out there who did a bit of emailing for him.

Anyway, here's what he had to say about Twitter:

"I think Twitter is great for certain things and certain people, there are people I really enjoy reading on Twitter. But I don't know why anyone in my position would ever be on it."

So he's aware of Twitter enough to be reading stuff out there, he just doesn't want to chime in. It is a minefield, especially for people with high profiles like himself. He might be wary of offending someone, or hurting his image. Or maybe he just doesn't want to deal with a sea of "ilysm follow me daddy" tweets. Whatever the reason, Daniel Radcliffe -- unlike many 21st century people, famous or not -- is not a slave to social media. He has given himself socks.

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